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About Us

Our Travel Philosophy

Travel is an art

Just as the German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz puts it, “No two leaves could ever be exactly the same”. We hold the similar view that no two travelers could ever be exactly the same. Each traveler has his/her own unique requirement and preferences. We strive to make every itinerary of our guest the greatest travel art that he or she enjoys most and meet her/his interests best.

Travel is a process of reading 

As the Chinese proverb says, “Man who travels far knows more.”Travel provides a golden opportunity for travelers to know the world, gain new knowledge, communicate with people and even with himself or herself.

Travel is an exhibition of attitude

We support a travel attitude of being friendly to ecology, environment, people and full of fun. With this attitude, we hope we all show the best of ourselves, respect local culture, appreciate and cherish our common world.

Travel is a way to enjoy ourselves

We do our best to ensure every trip with us is full of enjoyment from what you see, hear and feel, a unique journey you fully enjoy from the bottom of your heart.

Travel is a chance to discover

We find the beauty of the world from traveling, though the beauty enjoyed might be different by different people. It could be a family visit in the Tibetan area or a looking back of an animal you have encountered in the wild, or a swaying alpine flower in a breeze, or stunning golden snow-capped peaks in the morning ray, or even a life inspiration perceived suddenly……We do our best to help you find the beauty you have dreamed of.

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△水母雪兔子 Saussurea medusa 

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