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About Us

About Us

We are a group of travel professionals who love life and are enthusiastic about travel and sharing with others. We have come together for a common dream and pursuit. In 2016, we created Sichuan AbsoluteWild Travel Co. Ltd, a travel brand of our own. We put enough quality guarantee deposit in the bank as required by relative Chinese law and have been granted Travel Service Licence (No. L-SC-A00464) by the China Ministry of Culture and Tourism. We are dedicated to finding the beauty of nature and the beauty in the human world and sharing them with travelers in beautiful stories. We strive to create your best travel itinerary and sweet travel memories. 

The founders of our company have worked in the travel industry for over 20 years and have accumulated rich experiences in different segmented markets. We are one of the first local Chinese companies to work with multiple renowned international bird-watching companies to provide professional and quality services to bird-watchers. In cooperation with a well-known travel agency, we provided all-around MICE services to a world top consulting company for their Thousand-staff Annual Meeting in Chengdu in 2007; We served the China Ambassador Program initiated by an American organization for many years in cooperation with another travel agency specializing in high-end travel services. Through working with the program, we bridged US medical doctors to communicate with their Chinese counterparts and opened a window for them to understand China; By working with a botanist from the UK, we brought plant lovers from US and European countries to enjoy the alpine flowers in western China; As early as in 2010, we have started taking wildlife fans and photographers to different parts of China including Tangjiahe in Sichuan province, Yushu and Hoh Xil in Qinghai province in search of endemic wildlife such as Golden Snub-nosed Monkey, Black Snub-nosed Monkey, Wild Panda, Snow Leopard, Wild Yak, and Palla’s Cat and photographed them. We are proud to be the local partner of a world prestigious Eco-tour company and provide top quality services for their wildlife safari in China...

Though in the past years we have witnessed the fast growth of our team(see our brands) and quick increase of our business. we are firmly persistent in the pursuit of the highest possible quality in our services and never slow down our steps and have been striving to constantly improve ourselves and our services. We hold a strong belief that the helps we have delivered to others will eventually come back to us. We treasure every piece of trust and chance given us by our clients and always work our utmost to make every trip of our clients with us be their very best to live up to their precious trust and the blessed time we have. 


△Our Brands

The unexpected pandemic has brought us and the whole industry unprecedented difficulties. However, we firmly believe that human beings eventually will defeat the pandemic and embrace a brighter future. To face the music, our team will work as the Blue Sheep to climb the cliff and survive.

Blue Sheep 岩羊1.jpg

 △ Blue Sheep can walk freely on the cliff.

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+86 15636053178 ; +86 28 8521 4086